Sweet Pick-up Lines:

Impressing someone isn't easy, is it? Over that, delivering a sweet and cute pick-up is another difficult task. Here are some sweet pick-up lines drafted for you. Choose the ones you like and capture their heart! person forming heart with their hands

  • Hey, are you a masterpiece? Cause whenever I look at you, I am in awe.
  • I don't believe in forever, but looking at you I want to make it come true.
  • Are you a roller-coaster ride? Cause whenever I see you my head starts spinning around!
  • Are you a rainbow? Cause you make my life colorful!
  • Do I owe you money? Cause I have interest in you.
  • Are you breaking news? Cause whenever you come up, you attract all the eyes towards you!
  • I am ready to let you stay in my heart, rent-free!
  • Want a spin in my new sports car? It'll get jealous of you, you're hotter you know!
  • Are you an atheist? Cause I think you're a Goddess yourself.
  • You're like a thunderbolt, you sparkle before making noise.
  • If you're a virus, I would love to get infected by it!
  • Is this a joke? Cause whenever I am with you I can't stop laughing.
  • You're like the drizzling rain, as calm and soothing it can be.
  • Is it some perfume you've put on or it's your natural fragrance?
  • Are you an Anthology? Cause whenever I look into your eyes, it tells a different story.
  • Are you a thief? Cause you not only stole my heart but my body too!
  • My life has come to a balance since you've entered into it.
  • Am I dreaming or is it actually a dream come true?
  • You're a perfectionist, cause whatever you do is flawless.

Sweet and Cute Pick-up Lines:

  • You're like an aspirin, cause whenever I see you all my pains go away.
  • Are you Alice? Cause I'd love to get lost in your Wonderland.
  • I hope we meet again, hope you leave your Cinderella shoe back for me!
  • I am good at mathematics, Can I get your number, I'll memorize it in a go!
  • You're broken it seems, I would like to be your adhesive.
  • Are you a candy? Cause you're soo sweetie.
  • Let people call you high maintenance, but I like maintaining you!
  • Are you a stress reliever? Cause wherever I am with you all my tensions disappear.
  • Are you tired? Cause you've been running a lot on my mind lately.
  • Aren't you a cutie? 
  • Have you been gyming? Cause you look like a diva!
  • Are you an actress? I may have seen you in some movies.
  • Can I get a prescription? My heart doesn't seem to cooperate with me since I saw you! (You can go with this line for a doctor!)
  • If falling for someone was illegal, would you be my partner in crime?
  • Are you still topping on the "Hottest Single of the Year" list?
  • Pretty smile, I could stare at them a while. Beautiful eyes, I think falling for them wouldn't be wise.

I hope you've got enough pick-ups and ideas for alluring them with your charm. Go, grab your opportunity and show the person how creative you are! Make any guy/girl in your life feel loved using these pick-ups! grayscale photography of woman holding man's face