Bad Pick-up Lines

Bad Pick-up Lines

Some Dumb and Bad pick-ups you have ever heard! Can't stop cringing? Do you want to save yourself or play with someone using them? Go ahead!

Bad Pick-up Lines:

DO NOT try using and brainstorming pickups that'll result in your downfall and make you look like an idiot.  Anything you're saying make sure it doesn't sound lame, boring or cheap. Make things sound light by using abbreviations like LOL, ROFL, etc.  And if you've said something like that, so before it backfires come up with a thing that mends it! Here are some bad pickups which one shouldn't use to impress but to depress: focus photography of man's face

Creep and Commonly Used Pick-up Lines:

Got familiar with the types of creepy and disgusting pick-ups one can use on you and can be used on you! Beware: Save yourself before it backfires!  

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